Booking Summary

What to Expect: Marlboro's Studio Headshots

Prior to your shoot we will schedule a Pre-Shoot consultation by email or phone to talk about our direction style, your desired backdrop colour (white, black, or grey), any outfit concerns, and provide us with a sample headshot that you like the style of. 

On the day of your shoot please proceed to our Focal Photographer’s studio at 2578 Wentwich Rd in Langford 

Once you arrive we’ll spend the first 20 minutes trying different angles, lighting setups, and playing with shadows to help find your perfect shot! 

At the studio we have an iMac tethered to our camera setup to help review your photos in real time, this will ensure we are capturing your ideal shot. 

From here we’ll narrow down the perfect combination of angel, lighting, and shadow and we’ll spend the rest of the session making sure we get this shot exactly as you envisioned it. 

Once we have your desired shot your shoot is complete!  From here you can select your favorite photo and then our Focal photographer will retouch, edit and deliver it to you within 7 business days.