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Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard
Marlboro's Family Standard

Focal Photographer: Marlboro | Victoria BC

Marlboro's Family Standard


Questions? Our Current Response Rate: Within 1 Hour

Each Family Session will begin before the day of the shoot by having a phone, email or text consultation with one of our professional photography concierges. They will get to know you and your story - and help understand your vision of what you imagine for your perfect family photos. They will also answer any questions you may have about your shoot!

On the day of your shoot our photographer Marlboro will spend roughly an hour with you, bringing your vision to life. He’ll start by taking time getting to know each member of your family and making you comfortable with him. Next, he’ll get your family to stand or sit together and just chat while he gets some candid shots. Marlboro has a couple kids of his own so he will do his best to make jokes and make your kids laugh! With kids he loves to do shots of your family playing together and walking and holding hands. The key is to make the shoot so much fun that everyone forgets about being in front of the camera.

Marlboro uses a professional lighting setup to control for any lighting situation. His shoots are not posed. They are directed. Meaning that Marlboro will help you feel comfortable and direct you in order to achieve the perfect shot. The choice of location is yours, we offer our family packages in Market Square or Beacon Hill Park. In the event of rain we will opt to shoot inside and around Market Square where there is overhead cover and will arrange appropriate photography permissions.

After your shoot, final edited photos will be delivered via online gallery within 10 business days. The photos can be downloaded in original, high res (for printing) and web size. Expedited service is available.

What's Included - Standard Family Session

Sample Gallery:

Shot List Consultation

1 Hour of Photography Coverage

Minimum 40 Professionally Edited and Enhanced Photos

Maximum of 10 People (This is to ensure we have enough time to get great photos of everyone in different arrangements. Too many people and we waste too much time organizing everyone)

If you have a larger group, please contact us and we can make accommodations. Each additional person will be $25 and will include 5 additional photos and 5 additional minute of shooting)

Hosted Personal Online Gallery

Exclusive Personal Use Licence

Satisfaction Guarantee | Cancellation Policy | Licensing & Copyright

Satisfaction Guarantee

Focal's goal is to help its clients tell their visual story through premium photography. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your experience please let us know. We will do what we can to make things right.

Licensing and Copyright

Focal can grant clients one of the two following usage licences or may set their own special terms. PW = Photographic Work

Personal Use Licence: Photographer retains copyright over the PW and is able to use it for self-promotion. The client may make unlimited reproductions of the PW for family and friends both online and offline.

Commercial Use Licence (default): same as Personal Use Licence plus permission for the client to use the PW to promote their business.

If no usage licence is specifically written into the booking notes the Commercial Use Licence will be granted to the client.

Focal is granted the right to use any photos for self-promotion. Credit will be given to the photographer. If a photographer or client specifically does not want their images used in this manner please send make us aware during the booking process and we shall honour your request.


A minimum of 48 hours before the photo shoot:
Clients may cancel their bookings and receive a 100% refund.

Between 48-24 hours before the photo shoot:
Clients may cancel their bookings and receive a 50% refund.

Less than 24 hours before the photo shoot:
Clients will not receive a refund if they cancel within 24 hours of their shoot.


Focal Photographer: Marlboro

If you’re just looking for any photographer you may want to look somewhere else. Marlboro is a true visual storyteller - he captures moments that you won’t be able to help yourself look back on and smile.

Marlboro sees photography as a 3 dimensional art on a 2 dimensional surface which is why he is always able to find the perfect angle, using a combination of natural and artificial light to compose and capture beautiful authentic moments.

Marlboro is the type of artist that thinks carefully about each click of the shutter. You'll see him continuously adjusting his lights, straightening out decor and fine tuning everything to get his perfect composition. There's nothing that he does that is without purpose.

Marlboro is also a wonderfully caring person who will make you laugh, feel comfortable and like the star of your own show in front of the camera.

Marlboro embodies all the qualities of the perfect Focal visual storyteller - his attention to detail, artistic vision and true desire to make his clients happy is unmatched.


  • Why do you use such fancy lights? Why not just use natural light?

    Think of photography as language and light its vocabulary. Many “photographers” use natural light because it is easy. However, to truly compose the perfect a shot, a photographer must control the complex interplay of light on the subject. To do so, Marlboro uses multiple lights to fill the unwanted shadows and add dimension between the foreground, middle ground and background.

  • We get really nervous in front of the camera, how will the photographer ensure we're comfortable?

    It can be intimidating being in front of the camera, with a big strobe light pointed at you - but don’t worry we’ll make you feel like a movie star!

    To get the perfect shot, it’s critical that the subject and photographer are comfortable and trust each other. Marlboro will put you at ease by talking with you, cracking the occasional joke and shooting while you talk. He also has some great exercises to help you relax, feel confident and find comfort in front of the camera.

  • What should we wear to our shoot?

    Typically we recommend wearing neutral colours to your shoot such as beige, ivory, taupe, black, grey and shades of white as they look modern and work with all locations.

  • I'm not ready to book just yet because I still have some questions!

    Feel free to email us at, message us using the facebook messenger button in the bottom right corner of our site or fill out our contact form.

    We are happy to help you customize our packages or create a completely custom shoot just for you! Whatever it takes, Focal has you covered!

  • What happens if I don't know the date and time I want my shoot? What if I need to change the booking?

    Feel free to book a package! We know what some people want to gift our packages and don't know exactly when they want the shoot. You can book a package and then change the date and time as needed!

    If you need to change it or cancel, we will be happy to adjust your booking as long as you give us 24 hrs notice!