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Making The Photography Industry A Better Place

Despite modern marketplace innovations like Uber and Airbnb, finding and hiring a great trusted photographer is still a cumbersome and daunting process.

Companies have attempted to solve this problem, but have done so at the expense of devaluing and commercializing the artists and entrepreneurs whom make their livings in the industry.

We want Focal to stand for something. So we founded the company with the mission to fix everything that’s currently wrong with the photography industry. Today, our online photography marketplace makes hiring top vetted photographers in Victoria BC easier than ever. Whilst, offering a fair platform that empowers photographers to realize the value of their art.

We see photography as one of the richest forms of communication - like a language, with light as its vocabulary.

That's why a crappy iPhone photo will never do an amazing story justice. Just like a poorly written novel will fail to engage the reader.

At Focal, we know you have a story to tell - Let us tell it right.

How it Works

Lachlan Shum - Founder & CEO

At lot of people - including myself when I started Focal - think that photography is just a fancy camera and pressing a button. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Everything that goes into creating a beautiful image has been done with purpose. Professional Photographers are truly artists, they just paint using light.

A true photographer has thought about the direction the light is coming from, the way it reflects off of surfaces, the way a subject is presented between the foreground, middle ground and background. Sometimes they even have to manipulate light using artificial light and flashes.

And then there is the business of making the subject comfortable and finding a way to get them to express themselves in an authentic and meaningful way. A true photographer knows how to direct a subject, make them feel comfortable - and even feel like a star in front of the camera.

Then after all of this, the photographer has to post process the photos, enhancing and editing them which can take hours.

A lot of photographers don’t know how to explain this process to customers, and many people - like myself before - as result, don’t know what it takes to create impassioned photography.

So when I graduated with my BCOM from the University of Victoria, I decided that I would dedicate myself to helping these artists.

I see photography as an extremely misunderstood industry in need of help! Help from someone like myself, whom can help these great artists convey the effort and value of their incredible art to people that care.

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